Friday, 4 January 2013

How to Improve your Credit History

A CREDIT SCORE is a measure of how diligently you make payments relevant to loans, credit cards, telephone bills, insurance premiums, rent cheques and so on. 

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL), which collects your credit information from banks will soon be keeping your credit scores on the basis of your bill payments too. CIBIL scores will range between 300 and 900, and a number of the above aspects will go into making that score. However, the most significant of these are repayment of loans and credit cards – these factors will determine your loan eligibility and whether a loan can be granted to you in the first place or not.
Your credit history, other than your income, is the single most important tool used by a Loan provider to evaluate your application for any loan or credit card application. Naturally, it’s important that you understand your Credit Information Report (CREDIT REPORT) and what it takes to maintain a credit history, so that is viewed favorably by Loan providers. A good credit history can be maintained by following these 7 simple rules:
  • Rule 1: Always pay your bills on time. Late payments are viewed negatively by Loan providers and may affect the chances of your loan getting approved.
  • Rule 2: Keep your balances low. While the balances on your loans will only reduce over time as payments are made, you must be diligent about making timely payments on your credit cards. Also, you should control your utilization. For example, if you have used Rs. 90,000 out of a credit limit of Rs. 1,00,000, this may be viewed negatively by  a Loan provider. It’s always prudent to not use too much credit. 
  • Rule 3: Maintain a healthy mix of credit. Your credit history should contain a mix of a home loan, auto loan and a couple of credit cards. A high number of just credit cards may affect the chances of a loan approval. Why is it so, you may wonder. Although a credit card offers easy access to finance, it’s also by far the most expensive form of credit. More the number of credit cards with high utilization, larger are the payments resulting from its high rate of interest.
  • Rule 4: Apply for new credit in moderation. If you have made many applications for loans, or have recently been sanctioned new credit facilities, a Loan provider is likely to view your application with caution. This ‘Credit Hungry’ behaviour indicates your debt burden is likely to, or has increased and you are less capable of honouring any additional debt.
  • Rule 5: Think twice before closing credit card accounts. While, using credit cards may negatively impact your credit history, unused credit cards actually imply that you are financially secure. This makes Loan providers view your application more favourably.
  • Rule 6: Monitor your co-signed and joint accounts monthly.  In co-signed or jointly held accounts, you are held equally liable for missed payments. This is extremely important because your joint holder’s negligence could affect your ability to access credit when you need it.
  • Rule 7: Review your credit history frequently throughout the year. Unpleasant surprises in the form of rejected loan applications can be avoided by ensuring that your CREDIT REPORT accurately reflects your current financial status. So reviewing your credit history 3-4 times each year is imperative.
Though these general rules are important to keep in mind, each loan provider has its own policies to sanction a loan to an applicant.
It is important to note that your CIBIL TransUnion Score will begin to rise as you improve your credit history.
Disclaimer - All information in this article is sourced from various websites. This article is compiled by team at Moneyfinder and any content is not owned by us. This information is true as on 04th January 2013.


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